Dragon Ball’s Forgotten Characters Who Deserve Extra Highlight – Optic Flux

Dragon Ball’s Forgotten Characters Who Deserve Extra Highlight – Optic Flux

We just lately spoke about a number of the most attention-grabbing Dragon Ball characters who ought to been resurrected and about characters who bought superb introductions. For the present article, it’s time to remind a bit about these forgotten Dragon Ball characters who’re nonetheless someway round within the Dragon Ball Tremendous Manga, however didn’t obtain as a lot highlight as they as soon as did.

All through your complete Dragon Ball franchise, we’ve witnessed the introduction of a number of characters, and there’s no telling when new ones will seem. Nevertheless, it’s time to dive a bit into the previous and take a look at a number of characters who ought to deserve extra consideration in the way forward for the Dragon Ball franchise:

Android 18:

Android 18 was launched as an evil android again within the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z, alongside Android 17, her twin brother. Android 18 is a really lovely younger woman, and she or he later turns into human and marries Krillin after her little present as an evil being. She showcased some fairly mundane traits, and Krillin determined to ask Shenron to make her totally human after falling in love along with her.

Again within the Cell Saga, Android 18 gave Vegeta the beating of his life, although the Saiyan Prince simply achieved the Tremendous Saiyan transformation. What an entrance from Android 18! That was Android 18’s most memorable second, because it was additionally significantly appreciated by the followers. Nevertheless, we’ve not often seen situations of Android 18 wherein she had necessary battles since that point, which is why I consider that she deserves much more highlight.


Tien is maybe the strongest Earthling in Dragon Ball, and he was a vital character throughout the authentic Dragon Ball collection when Goku was a child. Tien fought in opposition to Goku twice within the World Martial Arts Match, and he did a really spectacular job. Tien is thought for some out-of-this-world combating strategies, similar to Multi-Kind, Photo voltaic Flare, rising two additional arms immediately, and extra.

Tien bought concerned within the combat in opposition to the Saiyans in early Dragon Ball Z however barely had any contributions in your complete franchise since these instances. It’s true that he appeared to combat in opposition to Frieza’s troopers within the ‘Resurrection F’ film and within the Match of Energy arc from Dragon Ball Tremendous, however nonetheless, he deserved much more highlight given how necessary he as soon as was for the franchise.


I mentioned it earlier than quite a few instances, and I’ll see it once more: Raditz deserved much more consideration in Dragon Ball! He’s the evil brother of Goku who revealed the true Saiyan origin to our hero, and he had some of the memorable entrances in your complete franchise. After kidnapping Gohan and simply defeating his father, Goku, Raditz tried to kill his personal brother and introduced that he would destroy the Earth. What an entrance!

Raditz was nowhere to be discovered for the reason that Saiyan Saga of Dragon Ball Z, the place he met his demise below the palms of Piccolo and Goku, who needed to group up although they had been sworn enemies at that time. It’s fairly peculiar that Raditz hasn’t returned in a technique or one other within the franchise, and the topic continues to be a burning matter among the many followers right now.

Supreme Kai:

Supreme Kai was launched throughout the Majin Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z as some of the necessary deities. The truth is, he was a very powerful deity when he was launched till Beerus, Whis, and Zeno got here alongside in Dragon Ball Tremendous. Supreme Kais have the aim of making planets and life kinds, which was a reasonably distinctive idea again in Dragon Ball Z when the Supreme Kai of Earth was launched. He even bought concerned in a combat in opposition to Majin Buu and proved to be weaker than a Tremendous Saiyan. In different phrases, Supreme Kais cares concerning the well-being of the individuals of Earth, which is why it might have been affordable to see the Supreme Kai concerned in additional fights in Dragon Ball Tremendous.

We are able to certainly have hopes that at the least a few of our Dragon Ball-related needs will likely be granted, as there’s a model new anime within the works that can arrive within the fall of 2024, and it’s referred to as “Dragon Ball Daima.”